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Warning: before you organise gutter
protection read this first

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Before you choose a Gutter Protection company ask them these 10 Simple Questions first….

Do they have an effective way of checking your roof for problem? - If this step is not completed you can run the issue of delays for your installation and worse still some other companies have been known to charge clients more because they haven't measured the meterage correctly, or found other problems.

Is the product made and manufactured in Australia? - Unfortunately there are a lot of imitation imports which do not pass Australian Fire Ratings. Putting a cheap imported product on your roof could mean less protection and possible problems in the near future which could be very difficult to have rectified. It could you be very difficult to be compensated if the product is from overseas. Buy Australian made.

Do they use saddles to install the product? - By not using saddles to secure the product to your (tin) roof during insulation, you run the risk of warping and possible lifting leading to more debris catching and staying on your roof instead of blowing off. 

Ask to see their Public Liability Insurance Cover - What if someone is severely injured or your property is damaged? Most house hold insurance doesn't cover this type of claim. Once again YOU may be at risk.

Do they Guarantee their workmanship in writing? - Verbal guarantees are useless. 

Do they offer a written product guarantee?  - Verbal guarantees are useless if a problem ever occurs with the product. 

Do they clean your gutters before installation? - Some companies don’t even bother and others have you do it before installing their product.

Do they supply you with a detailed quote outlining all preparation to be undertaken, material to be used and type of work to be performed? - Unfortunately the value of a well written proposal is often only understood after a problem develops. It's only what's written down that counts. Lack of detail leaves you with no leg to stand on should a dispute arise.

Ask to see references - Can you see references from satisfied customers?

Do they explain the preparation that is required? - Correct preparation is the key to the long term sustainability of the protection of your gutters. Try to find out what they propose to do.

Beware! Cheaper is not always better...

We all know you get what you pay for but how can we tell the difference between good quality and an inferior product? To help you we have provided a list of questions on the reverse side of this sheet you should ask any gutter protection company.
Like any business you deal with each one promotes a similar product to the next but not necessary the same quality or the same service you will receive. Some may use an inferior product that cost them less money, some may use cheap unskilled labour or take short cuts, some have hidden extras that you are not aware of until it's too late and others don't have insurances just to save themselves some money.

What may initially seem a better deal can potentially cost you more money. We all have at some point purchased something before that sounded like a bargain and ended up costing us more money. When making any investment ask good questions, don't feel pressured and compare Apples with Apples...

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